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Up Close & Personal 



       I am Stephanie, wife, mother and business owner.  I first knew I enjoyed Accounting and Finance when I took both Accounting 1 & 2 in high school.  Although, I didn't end up in the field right away.  Early on, I ventured into the medical field.  That was short lived.  All I can say is it helped me raise my children as my oldest is 22 and still alive and thriving. (LOL) I continued in college not really knowing what I wanted so I just went for Business Administration. 

       My second child was born and shortly after I started a job in the non-profit sector as a Customer Service Representative.  I ended up working my way through every department including the Accounting Department.  Eventually I was the Executive Assistant to the President.  I was privileged to work with the President, Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer and Board of Directors where I increased my skills, knowledge as the opportunities to learn and attend trainings were endless.  I worked for this company for 15 years.

       When this company closed its doors, I was head of the Accounting Department, Human Resources and Executive Assistant to all Executives as well as spear-headed all board meetings, attended and transcribed all board minutes. I wore so many hats while overseeing  the Corporate office and sites.  I worked as if I was working for Jesus! From making sure the overflown toilet was fixed to working with Executives, my heart was in it and I gave my all.  As you can imagine I was quite fearful when it closed and was referred to work for a small bookkeeping company by my boss.  It was great except I was not being challenged as I'm the type to get bored quickly.  I also did not see eye to eye with the owner as I believe in serving every client with the highest level of service.  Although it was a job to pay the bills as I had another baby on the way, I was grateful.  However, during an emotional ride of postpartum, I quit! 

       Shortly after, thinking my husband was going to kill me, I called and asked for my job back.  You can probably guess - the answer was no!  I was thinking oh no what now?  Years back, deep down I knew I wanted to be a business owner, and I know this was a God given desire.  At which time I had no clue as to what it would consist of.  I had informed all of the clients I had been working personally because they were expecting me back but my son came 3 weeks early. 

       After, a few nights and a lot of thinking.  Previously, I did bookkeeping for my old boss' online store on Saturdays and I was doing bookkeeping again, so BOOKKEEPING it is.  Plus I had a newborn that I needed to stay home with! I also previously served two terms of Notary Public which I did for free for friends and the company I worked for. I thought I could offer this service as part of my business.  So I went and renewed my Notary commission.  I am a believer in God.  I'm also a believer in his timing.  Everything up to this point was only preparing me for such a time as this.  So here I am ready to serve your needs - great or small!  

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